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Game Night Arcade in Coral Springs is the product of two friends that were tired of the crushing jobs that they had worked in for years and decided to venture out into something for themselves. With little knowledge of the bar arcade business, they decided to take the plunge anyway and give it a try. As long as they could create a place that would be fun to work in, they had a shot.

In the first few months of construction alone they were faced with many obstacles they never thought of — having to demo, repair, build, paint, and design with no prior experience — they learned a lot along the way.

After a fun, crazy few months of construction, they were on to opening the doors and handling the business head-on. There were new challenges all of the time, like the AC and main beer cooler breaking down on the grand opening! They were consistently met with customers that were more than eager to support these two that were chasing a dream and trying to show people a good time in the town they lived in. And what better way than a local bar arcade?!

Over the past few years and some odd months, the pair have grown to a staff of six, opening for lunch as well as the late-night crowd. They have seen their share of ups and downs. Making it onto Deco Drive, as well as a short story in the Sun-Sentinel, they have been able to make a home to a very loyal following of fans that continuously show them love and support. In return, the two friends Val and Spencer continue to work hard daily to make sure that Game Night Arcade is a welcoming place for those who want to try a craft beer, grab a bite to eat, play a game, meet new people, just relax, or all of the above! Interesting in learning more about the game bar? Reach out to us today!

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